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The aesthetician at Studio 52 here in New Palestine, Sheryl Wade, offers several different skin care procedures. The procedure most requested, microneedling – a great botox alternative, is used for the treatment of fine lines, poor texture, acne scars, stretch marks, body scars, and for the overall improvement of the skin’s appearance.

The treatment, which is done here at Studio 52, uses 11 or more super tiny needles to create “injuries” to the skin. Our bodies do not know the difference between a large injury and these small injuries. This process causes your body to produce more collagen in the affected areas. Sheryl explains that the result is thickening of the skin in improve texture. This procedure is safe for all skin types and can be done anywhere the skin on the body needs to be thickened. A series of 3 to 6 treatments is typically recommended. The number of treatments depends on what your area of concern might be. If you have deep scaring or other issues, more treatments might be necessary. Your skin care professional will be able to let you know how many treatments would be best for your situation. After the initial treatments, it is recommended that you come in once a year, or any time you feel it is necessary for a touch up.

Your skin care professional at Studio 52 will cleanse the area to be treated. A growth factor serum is then applied. The serum is needled in and helps promote collagen growth. After the procedure your skin might be a little red and feel like a sun burn It is best to avoid makeup for the remainder of that day. Normal routines and activity can be resumed the day after treatment.

As with any procedure, it is advised to know the salon or office where you will be receiving your treatment. Sterilization and a clean environment are a must when scheduling these appointments. We would love to have you stop in any time here at our newly remodeled salon on the southeast side of Indianapolis. Consultations are always free and we are open six days every week. Call us at 861-4628 with any questions.

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